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Who we are - and Whose we are

Who we are can be answered many ways.

We are United Methodist - St. Paul's is a part of a global Christian denomination.

Some of us grew up on Coronado or the San Diego area, some of us just moved here, and some of us are here only half the year! Some of us are staff but most of us are volunteers. 

We are babies and elderly folks and everyone in between. We have a diversity of outlook, opinion, gifts and interests. 

What we do have in common with each other - and with you too - is Whose we are. We affirm that God calls each of us to loving relationship with each other and with God. Our beliefs include the Trinity (God expressed through Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer) and grace that is offered to us before we even know to ask for it. 

We hope you stick around to learn more about us - and we would like to get to know you better too. God has made us for, and calls us to, relationship!